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аксессуар чехол remax 5 inch rt w2 pink водонепроницаемый купить по лучшей цене

Video When you jump on a crowded bus after escaping a downpour, your dripping wet umbrella usually brushes up against your bag, your clothes or even worse, a stranger. But by inverting the design, the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side. It is not only a UV sun umbrella, but also a rain umbrella. Unique design double layer inside out umbrella, make it easy for you on raining day. Advanced double layer ribs made the inverted umbrella more sturdy. A simple click of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella. Windproof with its aerodynamic design. Specifications Brand REMAX Model RT-U1 Pattern Long-handle Umbrella Fabric Material Polyester + Vinyl Skeleton Material Aluminum Alloy Open-and-close Type Automatic Features Windproof, Waterproof Height 76cm Open Diameter 110cm Package Weight 500g Package Content 1 x Umbrella
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