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Ethiopia has a large variety of indigenous flora and fauna species. Ethiopia is the 4th and the 10th largest honey producer in Africa and all over the world respectively. Ethiopia is the owner of the highest number of bee colonies and produces surplus honey due to a variety of flora species exist in the country. From all the emerging small businesses, beekeeping is an important activity and the successful introduction that will arguably have the biggest impact on the entire community and make better livelihoods. Meanwhile, some anthropogenic and none technical problems, Ethiopia could not able to extend the modern beekeeping extension system athwart to the county. However, honey is still the only products that compete the European market and still the nation earns reasonable cash income, due to its organic products. Therefore, this book will have paramount important as a guide and would be necessary for a novice beekeeper through alleviating the existing problems. Again the book can be used a guide and very handy for an aspiring beekeeper that has no idea of how to start beekeeping and beekeeping management as a whole.
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