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This multifunctional car FM transmitter featuring LED display, dual USB ports, voltage detection, support U disk, hands-free call and etc, it can release your hands while driving and make your driving safe. MP3 Player Stream music directly from your mobile devices to car stereo system via FM radio signal. Voice Navigation Support voice prompt, transmits voice to car stereo system via FM radio signal, making navigation more accurate. Double-sided Pluggable USB Port With max. output up to 5V/2.1A, support quickly charging two devices at the same time. AUX Out Function Connect the FM transmitter with the car AUX in port via a 3.5mm audio cable, avoid the interference of FM transmitting. Voltage Detection Detect the car voltage and show it on the LED display, remind you the battery status. Current Detection Showing you output current of USB ports while charging for your devices. Power Off Memory Auto record the last song and frequency you ever set when you restart the car. Specifications Model BC06S Rated Working Voltage 12V-24V USB Port Max. 5V/2.1A Working Temperature 0~50°C Supported Playing Format MP3 SNR >60dB THD
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