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Syma X5-15 X5C X5SW-1 H5C 1 To 4 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade Battery Note: This is upgrade battery and it's 600mAh while the original battery is 500mAh. It's certainly to fatter than the original battey. However it is absolutely suit for the X5C quad copter. Please look at the video.Please ensure using. Description: Brand Name: Syma Item Name: Lipo Battery Specification: 3.7V 600mAh 25C Lipo battery Playing time for X5C: About 9 min and 50 second Playing time for X5A : About 10 min and 40 second Charging Time : About 90 min ( four battery charge together) Cable Length: 35mm Dimension: 85 x 25 x 40mm Weight: 100g Feature: Upgrade to 600mAh, longer flight. Suitable for Syma X5SW-1 X5C X5A H5C quadcopter Package Included: 1 x X4 charger set 4 x battery HORI 4 x 3.7V 600mAh 25C Lipo battery
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