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щипцы для наращивания волос loof 611 l 611 adjustable temperature купить по лучшей цене

1. LED Temperature Display / Euro plug 2. Works well with Brazilian Keratin. temperature adjustable from 122 to 470 degree F( 50~243 celsius) 3. width of plate 2.8cm 4. ]Universal voltage adapt to 110~240V 5. Newest heater MCH 6. Sleep mode Auto cut off in 30 minutes 7. Newest technology 'vibrating' motion allows the hair to glide over the plates with minimal effort resulting in less damage. 8.View temperature reading shift between Celsius or Fahrenheit NOTES: About the vibration function operation when the heating plate reach to the default temperature please press the power button a short time to active the vibration function (the time no more than 3 secondsbecause if you press the power button more than 3 seconds the hair iron will shut down) when you colse two piece plate the iron is vibration. Press the power button again(the same no more than 3 seconds) to deactivate the vibration function. After usepress the power button for 3 secondsthe hair iron will shut down.
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