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Professional Salon Grade Pre Bonded Keratin Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Machine Connector for Hair Extensions System Safe Super Fast Long time Working and Suitable for all types of Human Hair Extensions System ( So. Cap Flat Keratin U Nail / I /V Tipped ). Within a second the keratin will melt without heat! Product Information: Plug for EU Colour - Black 25W 110/240V 50/60HZ Product Grade: Top Salon Grade AAA Quality HXT Model-No.: HXT 8878 Kit E - 888 Black Salon Cold Fusion Supersonic Machine Brand: LOOF Origin: China Certification(s): CE CCC RoHS ETL With Top Professional Quality Voltage: 110/220/240 V Machine Hand Piece: 18x2.8x5cm Gift Box Dimensions : 22.5x22x7cm Approx. Weight: 1 Kg pro Set Available Color : Black Product Features: 1.Professional beauty salon tools with Top Professional Salon Quality 2. One switch 3. One red indicator light. 4. Suitable for all types of hair extension systems for keratin silky straight hair pre-bonded hair hair bonding nail hair stick hair 5. It is easy to operate for the beginners 6. It can work at once after turning the power switch on 7. Only sticking an object between the points of this tool after turning the switch on 8. It is easy clean because it is not easy to leave any keratin on the point when welding 9. There is on anxiety of burning because it's the ultrasonic 10. Cord: 2.5m (outlet) +50cm (curled code) 11. Time: approx 0~5 seconds 12. Product size: hand piece 180*28*50mmOscillator 160*105*60mm 13. 25W 100240V 50/60HZ 14. Temperature constant and temperature control on the cord available; the temperature range of control one is from 80┬░C to 200┬░C meet different melting points of different glue.
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