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щипцы для наращивания волос loof 611 l 611 adjustable temperature купить по лучшей цене

Operating Instructions: 1.Insert the plug into the correct power supply our hair iron is universal voltage adapt to 110v-240v 50/60HZ. 2.Press the power button for 3 seconds the hair iron will begin to work and heat up then press the "UP/DOWN" button to adjust the temperature. 3.Within 30-50 seconds the heating plates will reach to the default temperature the hair iron is ready to use now. Keep away from water: 1.Always unplug quickly after using 2.Do not use the hair iron while bathing. 3.Do not place or store the hair iron near the bathtub or sink. 4.If it falls in water never touch the water and unplug the hair iron immediately.
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