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With the Portable breathalyzer tester you are able to get an accurate and reliable result from 0.000% - 0.199% BAC & & 0.000 - 0.995 mg/l. The results will be displayed on the LCD display. The compact size ensures it's easy to carry around in your pocket for a test on yourself or friends and family. Breathalyzer with audio alert Breath alcohol tester with audible alert function. Clear LCD screen Easy to read LCD display. Measure unit for the result 0.000% - 0.199% BAC & & 0.000 - 0.995 mg/l. Quick and accurate results Advanced alcohol sensor with high sensitive and quick response Easy to use Measure the alcohol content just by blowing to the instrument Auto power off More energy saving Other indicator Low battery indicator and error indication. Battery Powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (not included). Specifications Sensor Advanced Semiconductor Oxide Alcohol Sensor Measure Range 0.000% - 0.199% BAC & & 0.000 - 0.995 mg/l Test Accuracy0.005% BAC ( or 0.025mg/l BRAC ) Operating Time Warm up:10-15Ss, Response:
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