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1 0 lcd car mp3 player wireless fm transmitter with remote controller black купить по лучшей цене

Car MP3 FM transmitter is a compact and convenient car accessory it can transform the mp3 music stereo into the FM signaland play music through the car radio receiver.So the drviers can conveniently enjoy the wonderful musicat the same time this car mp3 FM transmitter also provide comparable quality music with CD players. - Color: red + black + silver - 1.8 inch LCD display screen - Supports USB device and SD/MMC card (up to 4GB) - Supports AVI format video - Supports MP3/WMA format music - Full FM frequency: 87.5-107.90 MHz - Car cigar socket power supply (12~24V DC) - Comes with USB cable and IR remote control (2*AG10 batteries included) - Noted: it is mini USB connector we will upate the photos later
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