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Brand TMALL Model 8006 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + yellow Material ABS Function Digital balance food flour weight scale Other Features This is a high precision electronic scale; Accuracy is rated to 0.1g; It provides 4 units of weight to transform; It can measure the seasoning weight such as salt sugar starch etc.; Digital spoon scale with 1.5" LCD display; Powerful battery operation with low energy consumption; Ideal tool to weigh butter flour cream tea or spices during cooking or barking; Balance adjust function ensures your precise measurement; Maximum scale: 500g; Minimum scale: 0.1g; 4-unit switch: g / oz / ct / gn; 1.5" LCD display; Auto power off after 1 minutes without operations; Operation temperature: 0'C~40'C; Five weighing units: G CT OZ TL; Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included); CE certification Packing List 1 x Kitchen Measuring Spoon 2 x AAA batteries 1 x English user manual
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