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10pcs lot 5v usb powered pcm2704 mini usb sound card dac decoder board for pc computer купить по лучшей цене

Introduction The amplifier board has good sound quality external components is simple compact and so on. USB-powered no external power supply. USB digital audio decoding circuit replace the computer onboard sound card motherboard to get rid of high frequency interference to ensure pristine sound quality. High efficiency instant USB interface power supply in the still strong sound performance. USB HID digital volume control 3D high-fidelity surround sound control and mute buttons and working status indicator easy to use. Full support USB2.0 full-speed bus containing 16 1.5W per channel digital amplifier that can drive 4 ohm speakers stereo surround sound effects included. A 5V power supply built-in 5V to 3.3V buck regulator reset voltage 3.3V. A built-in USB HID and a volume control and mute function. Large gain 0/3.5/6 Db high-quality 16-bit digital sampling the sampling frequency is 48KHZ capacitive and filtration speakers and anti- POP feature can be extended outside EEPROM for the development of client PID VID and other product features; Special Note : On-chip high -gain buffer the board can not alter any component parameters. Does not meet the parameters Will result in IC damage. Output CMOS tube BTL drive so the speaker can not be negative Take enough together that the four lines connected to the speaker is completely independent does not allow total access
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