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18pcs set 55cm long magic hair curler new magic roller with diameter 2 5cm 2017 new seller купить по лучшей цене

Easily create healthy and beautiful lift, curls, and waves with the Magic Hair Curler Leverag Set. It comes with different spiral styling kits to meet your own needs. Curls, waves, and volume, it has never been easier, with no heat damage. You can create long curly hair in no time as this styling kit also contains 2 styling hooks to help speed up the application process. Features The spiral styling kits come in different colors to indicate the different curl directions and sizes. The Hair Curler Set allows you to customize your hairstyles. 2 styling hooks to help speed up the process. No heat damage for healthy and beautiful curls. Suitable for all kinds of hair. Specifications Product Type Hair Curler Package Weight 180g Package Size 10L x 10W x 10H cm Package 18 x Curlers
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