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1pcs lot passive twisted pair transmitter 300 meters anti interference video transmitter monitoring video bnc cable connector купить по лучшей цене

Product Overview This is a powerful anti-type passive video transmission equipment the use of five or more than five unshielded twisted pair as a transmission medium the way real-time transmission of color or monochrome PAL / NTSC / SECAM formats such as high-definition baseband video signal. No external power supply used by the two complexes regardless of the transmit and receive. Color signal transmission distance 300 m if the receiving end with star shield active devices at distances up to 900 meters . It built a unique LRC passive filter circuit can effectively suppress common mode noise and electromagnetic interference lines. So even if it is applied in the case of more serious interference environment but also to get a clear and stable image effects. Compared to a normal transmitter better more reassuring choice. The new terminal screwless spring- pressure line design makes installation and connection becomes more convenient. Installation can be completed without tools. Scientific design with black matte body in line with domestic and foreign aesthetic point of most people. Product Features The nominal color signal transmission distance of 300 meters With active receivers distances up to 900 meters The unique built-in passive LRC filter circuit can effectively inhibit Common mode noise and electromagnetic interference lines Metric BNC head can be connected directly to the camera or DVR Free screw spring pressure line terminal design No external power supply Built-in transient protection circuit
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