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1w led bulbs high power 1w led lamp pure white warm white 110 120lm 30mil taiwan genesis chip free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Product features: 1. It adopts multiple rotary holders which can have multi-angle rotation. 2. Taiwan imported high-quality chip LED big size chip high brightness and low light failure. 3. Reading light energy-saving light very convenient to use. 4. Without any external power directly plug into the computer USB port to charge low power consumption energy-saving and safe. 5. Can softly light up the keyboard and working desk area which will not affect other people around you widely used in office student homework and so on. 6. DC power supply no strobe and no radiation of the LED light。 7. Simple to use high brightness safe and energy-saving good stability long use life. 8. No harmful substance and no light pollution.
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