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2 in 1 multifunction tire inflator air compressor w vacuum cleaner yellow dc 12v купить по лучшей цене

Cheer, measuring the tire pressure, vacuuming! Main Application: suitable for all types of 12 V cigarette lighter vehicles. It's extremely suitable for use in the vehicle and home owing. It's miniature size, complete with convenient attachment. Compact, lightweight and handy. Hard plastic construction, durable for long time use. Powerful suction. Used directly from the car lighter socket. Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use. DC12V power plug fit car cigarette lighter Features 250 psi air compressor and powerful vacuum cleaner be assmbled in one compact unit  30" high pressure air hose with quick release valve connector and gauge  10 feet power cord with universal lighter plug  With inflate/Vacuum reverse switch Specifications Model Number yf-009 Size 34 x 15 x 10cm(L x W x H) (Approx.) Cable length 260cm (Approx.) Type mini vacuum cleaner The rated voltage 12 V The rated speed 1500 r/min Rated power input 90 W Vacuum suction 900 mbar Pump power 120 W Weight 1.22 kg Package Size 36.5 x 10.6 x 14.5 (cm) Packing Content: 1 x Mini Vacuum Cleaner 1 x dust absorption Tube 1 x Tire Inflator (with lock device) 3 x inflatable needle
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