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2 pics pack 3 light mode cree xm l t6 or xpe zoom mini led flashlight with adjustable focus working with 18650 li ion battery купить по лучшей цене

Night time is the perfect time to avoid the heat and the heavy traffic and just have a relaxing ride. Although safety is a bigger concern and you want to remain highly visible as well as light up those low light areas with an ultra bright and durable LED bike light like this one your concerns can be vanquished. This easy to install head lamp and can also be worn on your head when you doing some activities or sports where you want your hands free. Model: T6 Color: Red + Black Emitter Brand/Type: CREE / XM-L Emitter BIN: T6 Color BIN: White Total Emitters: 1 Battery Configurations: Lithium-ion battery pack (4 x 18650 Batteries) Voltage Input: 8.4V Switch Type: Clicky (Clickie) Switch Location: Tailcap (Tail-cap) Modes: 3 Mode Memory: No Mode Arrangement: High > Low > Fast Strobe Circuitry: 3600mA Brightness: 1000 lumens maximum brightness Runtime: 4 hours (manufacturer rated) Lens: Glass Reflector: Plating Smooth Reflector Accessories: 1 x Battery pack 1 x AC 100~240V charger (2-flat-pin plug) 1 x Elastic head mount band (25cm length) 2 x Rubber O-rings
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