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Description : LS-300 220V 300W DIY Electric Heat Shrink Gun Power Tool Hot Air Temperature Gun with Supporting Seat Plastic FIMO Specification : Model: LS-300 Rated Voltage: 220V Rated Frequency: 50Hz Rated Power input: 230V Plug Type: EU plug Color: Black How to use the heat tool ??. 1.Plug in the heat tool. 2.Hold the product as shown on the picture.do not touch the hot nozzle. 3.Keep 5-6cm distance between the heat tool and item. 4.Do not use more than 10 minutes continuosly to prevent overheated. Package includes : 1 x Hot Air Gun (Come with an adapter according to your country~) 1 x User Manual If you like white color, can find and >>>>click here :Product ID: 971932
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