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This iKECIX audio/video integrated conference camera features two wireless microphone, 3X optical zoom, 1080p FHD, etc. You can use it for video conferencing/business broadcasting/professional stage, etc. its sound pickup range is up to 30m with the equipped microphone. USB 2.0 driver-free, the camera can collect the wireless microphone’s audio frequency directly, with one USB cable to realize audio/video transmission simultaneously. It supports Mac OS, Windows, and Android system. High Definition Video Chat Support 1920 x 1080p @30fps/25fps, 720p @30fps/25fps, you can enjoy crisp and clear images. USB 2.0 Interface Driver-free, plug and play, support LVDS output. Wide Angle Pan range: +/-177.5°, can reach 360-degree visual, tilt range: +90°/-45°. 3X Optical Zoom Allow you to magnify the image up to 3X bigger. Strong Performance Support inversion, mirror image, IR remote. 2 x Microphone 30m pickup range available via the paired microphone. Specifications Model U3X-2M Lens Lens Specification SONY 2.1M Pixels 1/2.8 inch Progressive CMOS Video Output Pixels1920x1080p@30/25, 720P@30/25 Video Zoom 3x Optical Zoom Focal LengthF=3.35mm-10.05mm Lens Aperture(F#) F1.7-F3.0 Shutter SpeedNTSC: 1/30~1/10000s Horizontal Field of View30° to 100° Pan/Tilt Range +/-177.5°, +90°/-45° Pan/Tilt Speed Minimum pan and tilt: 2º/s, Maximum pan: 80º/s, 60º/s tilt" Min. Illumination 0.5Lux (Daylight), 0.1Lux (Night) Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) 52db Preset Positions 9, Max 256 Automatic Adjustment AWB (Auto white balance) Auto/Manual AE (Auto Exposure) Auto/Manual AF (Auto Focus) Auto/Manual Auto Aperture Auto Special Functions Inversion Support YES Mirror YES IR Remote YES Wireless Audio Acquisition Wireless Microphone 2PCS Work Distance Max30 meter Audio OutputUSB2.0 Distortion (1KDZ)
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