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4 in 1 william multi function mini plastic harmonica w strap set multicolored купить по лучшей цене

Model N/A Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Multicolored Material Food level plastic Function Funnel: It's reversal as funnel; In that way it is relatively convenient to use powered substance and combine with measuring cup used as a little vase as an open mouth is relatively spacious; Squeezer: Combine with measuring cup it is used when squeezing lemon. Its shape is designed reasonably in order to squeeze better; Seasoning grinder: It is used for grinding seasoning such as ginger horseradish and etc; Egg isolator; Cheese grinder: Cut dry cheese very well using it. Please follow direction of arrow to grind food materials when using it; Bottle opener: It's used to open cover of jam jar with firm seal-capping. Grasp bottle cap by covering it on bottle cap when using; Egg yolk separator: To separate egg white and yolk; Weighing cup: It with degree scale is used for weighting a small amount of foods; It is used by combining with each component and also used as vessel. Packing List 1 x Tools kit
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