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Video The Wooden AR Gun is a new way to play game which is different from the traditional way. Combined AR technology with electronic technology, cooperate with the AR Gun APP, then you can enjoy augmented reality game experience. And it is compatible with Android/iOS phones width between 2.08 to 3.35 inches. Made of wooden, very portable and compact. Augmented Reality Game ExperienceSimply need a smartphone and download the AR Gun App (it is compatible with iOS and Android OS), then you can enjoy experience the augmented reality game experience., which is different from the traditional games play. Built-in Virtual RadarWith the build-in Virtual Radar, players by walking or turning around to find the enemy, and pull the trigger and kill target object. It seems like that you are the part of the game. Game Modes Supported Two game modes including Aircraft Shooting and Fish Catching and they are being updated constantly. Bluetooth 4.0Latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures strong transmitting signal in high quality & high speed to make sure smooth game experience. Environmental-Friendly Material Adopts high-grade timbering, lightweight and detachable, so you can enjoy the fun of DIY. Powered by AAA BatteryPowered by two AAA battery, very easy to replace the battery. Perfectly Compatible with Your PhoneWith a phone holder, it is compatible with smartphone between 2.08 to 3.35 inches width. Specifications Name AR Gun Material Timbering APP NameAR Gun The Guardian APP SupportAndroid and iOS System Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 4.0 Phone Holder Width 2.08 to 3.35 inches Game Modes Aircraft Shooting, Fish Catching Battery2 x AAA Battery (Not Included) Product Weight286g Product Size 28 x 21 x 2.5 cm Package Weight 385g Package Size 30 x 23 x 5.5 cm Package Contents 1 x AR Gun, 1 x Manual
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