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5 string guitar neck big pick up 4 4 electric violin silent pickup fine tone solid wood3 the item is the color can choose color купить по лучшей цене

Brand Fishman Model 301 Quantity 1 Piece(s) Color Black Material Plastic hardware electronic material Compatible Models Guitar in general Application tuning Other Feature 301 pick-up dual mode pickup box effect built-in microphone (mike) pick up pick up bar flick the preferred. - 101 and 301 contrast: 101 is a common pick-up but 101 can receive guitar playing board; 101 is received the guitar strings sound 101 is receiving people banging on guitars and guitar internal resonance of the sound also can again receive the guitar strings sound is the upgrade version of 101 the sound quality much better than in 101. The interior of the 301-101 have a microphone. Certification CE Packing List 1 x Pick-up (line length: 52cm) 1 x Pickup bar line(line length: 39 cm) 4 x Small screw 1 x 9V battery 1 x card stick
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