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7012 multifunctional car dvd radio multimedia audio player bluetooth display touch screen mp5 player hands free fm transmitter купить по лучшей цене

Can randomly adjust the angle suitable for different vehicles - Supports LED display and power on/off by software - Play music in the Micro SD card (up to 32GB) - Supports music in format of MP3 / WMA / WAV - Bluetooth hands-free - Supports stereo music playing via Bluetooth - CVC technology cancel echo and reduce ambilent noise - Supports IR remote control - Supports IR remote control to answer calls or switch calls - Built-in rechargeable lithium battery - Supports power supply to other equipments via USB max. output 5V / 2.1A - FM transmitter and cigarette lighter work separately for eay operation - Bluetooth stereo and FM transmitter - Automatically power-off memory - 360 degree adjust volume and pick up calls by separate top button easily
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