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80L Tactical Trekking Backpack Mountaineering Shoulder Bag Pack For Camping Hiking Long Journey Specification: Material: Nylon Capacity: 80L Size: 34*25*80cm (L x W x H) (Approx) Color: Yellow, Blue Red, Dark Blue, Orange Application Environment: Mountaineering, Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Long Journey etc. Features: Strong nylon fabric, durable for use. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps, with buckles for free adjustment. Back mesh breathable frame, comfortable for outdoor carrying. 75+5L extension capacity, larger space for holding more items. Vivid colors and stylish design for your sports or leisure option. Ideal for traveling, camping, climbing, backpacking, skiing and other activities. Package Includes: 1 X Hiking Backpack
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