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9006 50w 9006 hb4 50w 700lm white light car foglight w 10 cree xb d r3 12 24v купить по лучшей цене

Environmental and no radiation; - The life span is up to 50000 hours; - Fast response it can shine in microseconds; - Sealed waterproof high temperature resistance; - High brightness three-dimensional even light good heat dissipation; - 8~48v input voltage. Meets the needs of all cars and motorcycles; - CREE T6-U2 lamp beads: the power of a single bead is 10W and the lumens is more than 950LM; - Ultra-low current start almost all of the batteries can start it; - Good stability good electrical and thermal conductivity; - Aluminum alloy shell gives good heat dissipation; The heat emitted by the chip can quickly export.
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