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The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of using different types of litter with or without alum on Ross broiler chick's performance,carcass parts and some blood parameters.A total number of 648 of Ross broiler chicks one day old. The birds divided into six treatments (T)of floor litter: T1 birds were raised on wood shavings litter, T2 birds were raised on wood shavings litter with alum, T3 birds were raised on wheat straw litter,T4 birds were raised on Wheat straw litter with alum,T5 birds were raised on sand litter and T6 birds were raised on sand litter with alum. Each treatment included 108 birds which were divided into two equal replicates (each of 54 birds)birds provided with 6 cm. height of special certain litter. Alum was added at0.091 kg/bird for treatments litters. Based on the results obtained from this experiment, it could be concluded that using sand or wheat straw as a litter during rearing broiler chicks up to 6 weeks of age, is better for their performance than wood shavings.Alum applications exhibited significantly better mortality rate in comparison to birds raised over untreated litter.In general the sand litter is most benefit for broiler performance.
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