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Over the past 100 years attitudes to sex and gender equality have shifted to welcome female liberation; however the taboo of female sexuality still remains. Male power continues to dominate appropriate forms of femininity, from appearance to behaviour and sexuality. This dissertation seeks to evaluate the extent to which the male gaze is internalised within the culture of higher education institutions, which are perceived to promote individualisation and sexual freedom, and how exactly the male gaze works to police female sexuality. Modern undergraduate culture holds conflicting expectations of female sexuality, high sexualisation of younger generations encourages promiscuity of women on the same level as lad culture, yet double standards assume judgement for this form of sexuality. This dissertation helps students of sociology and feminism to explore how traditional gender binaries, such as the madonna/whore complex continue to dominate modern institutions, and understand the how femininity faces continuous paradoxical expectations. This leads us to consider the important question of how the future of female sexuality will develop?

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