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benetech gm320 1 2 lcd infrared temperature tester thermometer orange black 2 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Have seen the cool temperature readers they have in the airports? Wouldn't it be great if the next time your child or spouse is playing hooky you could test their temperature accurately and instantly? ItтАЩs great for those kids that pretend they are sick everyday just to get out of a test or class! This is a great device that reads your temperature at the push of a button. It is super hygienic and does this without making contact to the skin. It displays the temperature reading in big bold numbers on the 1.3тАЭ LCD display. It is powered by 2 double A batteries and they are conveniently included. - Color: Black - Model: DT-300 - 1.3" LCD display - Measuring Range: -50 ~ 300'C (-58 ~ 572'F) - Accuracy: +/-2'C - Response time: no more than 0.8 sec - Distance spot ratio: 2:1 - Emissivity: 0.95 as default (setting range 0.1~0.99) - Recommend measuring distance: 20mm ~ 130mm - Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included) - Comes with strap & English/Chinese user manual
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