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Wireless router (router mode): Instead of using a conventional wireless router with dial function can easily access small size easy to use MINI Mobile wireless router (router mode): When out of office the hotel can easily be converted into a limited network of wireless Wi-Fi convenient iPad smart mobile Internet use; Wireless Signal Extender (Repeater mode): big houses and wireless Wi-Fi coverage was incomplete under U25 repeater mode can effectively extend the coverage of wireless Wi-Fi wireless router is the level of residential villas a good helper office wireless coverage solutions; Wireless client (Client mode ): U25 wireless card can be as easy as receiving a wireless signal and cable access into your TV set-top boxes desktops and other devices; Intelligent detection signal strength locate the best mounting position: When the U25 as a wireless extender (Repeater mode) it will automatically detect the wireless Wi-Fi signal strength at this point you may be prompted by a wireless signal indicator to choose the best installation position to achieve the best results
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