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bluetooth audio receiver usb dac tf card mp3 decoding for car home speaker refit support format mp3 wma wav flac купить по лучшей цене

Product Features 1. Powerful Mini lossless WAV + MP3 audio decoders dual decoder board. 2. Universal Remote Control 3~8 meters distance remote control heart and music. 3. Power and memory playback support track memory. 4. 8-320Kbps MP3 bitrate wide range 320Kbps further on is a lossless APE format music. 5. Supports 8-48000Hz sampling frequency WAV format music files (commonly is 44KHz and 48KHz) WAV format does not support DTS multi-channel surround. 6. Increase TF card slot mobile phone memory card can be directly inserted (TF card) to use. When inserted TF memory card to male to male USB cable to connect with the computer but when readers use copy audio files directly to TF card very convenient. 7. Support TF card (Maximum 32GB) U disk or USB card reader to play music. 8. 6~12V wide voltage operating range is more suitable for automotive motorcycle audio conversion. 9. Beautiful and reasonable overall circuit wiring to avoid interference due to noise generated by the self-excited high signal to noise ratio. 10. Working with LED blue lights beside two holes reserved for external parallel welding blue line LED indicators. Main features: 1. Supports lossless WAV music player support MP3 320Kbps bit rate high-quality music. 2. MINI Small board design 6~12V power supply more versatile car CD transformation the former speaker level audio decoding lossless CD player replaced. 3. Support USB sound card functions.
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