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This research pivots around the therapeutic methodologies in Ayurveda. A comparative study was conducted on the levels of effectiveness, of natural remedies such as cow’s urine, lemon juice extract, boiled rice water, Neem extract etc. in curing dandruff and inhibiting the growth of the causative fungus Malassezia. Standard scientific methodologies were applied such as the microbial plating techniques, using microbe-specific nutrient medium for the optimized growth. The inhibition activity of all the natural substituents, were observed by introducing them on the growth media and further studies of the growth pattern of the organism on the media within the plates. From the study conclusions were derived on the best remedies for dandruff with least side-effects. The book also comprises of a generic survey on the awareness of dandruff and natural cures, along with an insight in Ayurveda and the traditional treatment principles in Ayurveda. The aim of this research study, as indicated by the name of this book, is to present the best natural remedies to cure dandruff/skin infections. This book has a specific direction and theme for a comprehensive analysis of the natural therapeutics.
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