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c ts019 premium green 100g japanese matcha green tea powder 100% natural organic slimming tea reduce weight loss food купить по лучшей цене

Introductions: Teas are not only a change in eating habits, but also adapting to the fast pace of modern life requires. A touch of tea, various magical effect, DIY food by yourself, makes life more interesting. Features: 1. Natural, Additive-free, 100% Plant Powder. 2. Moisture-proof Bags, Security, Palate Guaranteed. 3. Suitable For Making Green Tea Cake, Green Tea Ice Cream And Green Tea Desserts. 4. Net Weight: 100g Package Included: 1Bag x Green Tea Powder Notes: 1. One Packet green tea powder only 2. If you want to use as the mask,please do skin allergy test first.
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