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calans protective 9h 0 25mm tempered glass screen guard protector for nokia lumia 630 transparent купить по лучшей цене

Screen Type Clear Model I6GOLD Quantity 1 Set Material Tempered Glass Color Golden + Transparent Compatible Models IPHONE 6 Style Screen protectorBack Protector Sticker Screen Features Scratch ProofExplosion Proof Other Features - Made of imported 9H hardness glass effective stactch and ma resistance. - High transmittance and further screen sharpening effect. -The surface special technology can keep the water drop from getting splashed. - Super tempering processing with tiny cracked particles which can prevent the screen burst. Packing List 1 x Tempered 9H Glass Screen Protector 1 x Tempered 9H Glass Back Sticker 1 x Wet Wipes 1 x Cleaning Cloth 4 x Pulling Tags
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