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11 Inch Articulate Magic Arm With Super Clamp Crab Plier Clip For DSLR Camera Features: Articulating Magic Arm: This is a professional 11 inch articulating arm perfect for LED light, LCD monitor or flash light etc. on cameras. This precise and durable designed magic arm with locking control knobs to release or enlarge the tension which can give all position movement. This articulating magic arm simplifies the mounting, placement and adjusting any on-camera lightings and other accessories. One side has 1/4 inch screw connecting to Monitor, LED light or other accessories Another side is hot shoe square mount that can be easily mounted onto your DSLR Camera. And this hot shoe mount is removable to become another 1/4 inch screw, so both end are 1/4 inch screw that you can connect to different equipments Very Good for mounting monitor onto DSLR camera Easy to install, each joint is adjustable, and all of them is locked with one knob The whole arm can be adjusted at all angles Material: Aluminum & Plastic Max. Load: Up to 2kg Length (Max): Approx. 280mm / 11 inch Clamp: The Super Clamp is a very versatile and useful tool especially for holding LCD Field Monitor and DSLR Camera. You also can hold camera, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other super clamps Can be used with backhoes holder Minimum Opening Diameter: Approx. 12mm / 0.47 inch Maximum Opening Diameter: Approx. 55mm / 2.17 inch Material: Metal Package Included: 1 x 11 Inch Articulate Magic Arm 1 x Super Clamp Crab Plier Clip Detail Pictures:
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