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car cigarette powered charging adapter charger w dual usb output for ipad iphone black купить по лучшей цене

Color Orange Quantity 1 Piece Material Plastic Compatible Models Iphone 5SIphone 5CIphone 5Iphone 4Iphone 4SIphone 3gsIphone 3gIpad AIRIpad MINI 2(Ipad MINI with Retina display)Ipad MINI (1st Generation)Ipad 4The new IpadIpad 2Ipad 1Ipod Touch 5Ipod Touch 4Ipod Touch 3Ipod Touch 2Ipod Touch 1iPod nano 7iPod nano 6iPod nano 5iPod shuffle 4iPod shuffle 3iPod shuffle 2iPod shuffle 1iPod classicOthersFits all devices with 5V USB port Supported iOS Version All Plug Specifications Car Cigarette Lighter Plug Input 12~24V Output 5V 1000~1800mA Cable Length 0 cm Other Features Can charge up to two devices simultaneously Packing List 1 x Car charger
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