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Model FM-9504D Color Purplish red Material Synthetic leather Quantity 1 Functions The hi-tech physiotherapy design is adopted to correct the sitting posture of the back and relax the waist when you sit for a long time; The vibrating speed of the product can be freely adjusted according to your request; The design is reasonable with massage function and contributes to blood circulation of the body Power Supply 100~240V / or car cigarette power Power Plug 2-Flat-Pin Plug Power 20 W Features This product is applicable to automobile home and office. The use of the product improves your study work and business; The product is designed with alternating current and direct current 100~240V AC for home and DC 12V for automobile easy and reliable for use; Cigarette lighter line length is 100cm with all applicable models Packing List 1 x Pad (80cm-cable) 1 x Controller 1 x Car cigarette lighter charger (100cm-cable) 1 x AC power adapter (100~240V / 2-flat-pin plug / 180cm-cable)
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