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Bonus DVD содержит: With and without alcohol - the perfect how-to tiobrjy bartenders. You know the problem: Fninds or family drop by, you would like to surprise your guests with sophisticated drinks - too bad you lack know the necessary ingredients... This dvd features easy-to-follow steps to concoct the most i most popular mixed drinks and cocktails. Use it prepare yourself - or watch it with friends and mixing as you watch! This dvd gives you tons of important tips and it to present simple and classic drinks. Use it to your guests with exotic combinations First of urdome: be surprised that twelve different spirits instruments like shaker and jigger are explained, bartender's vocabulary is covered. Also: which spirits mix? Which spirits don't? But the best part is this: A lot of drinks are while they are being concocted. Be they classics newcomers, Caipirintia or Tequila Sunrise: Each step presented minutely. Rum-based drinks like Damjri, Mojito, Planters Punch, Pina Colada, Caipirinha, Florida Cocktail; cream-based favorites with Batida de Coco, exotic drinks with vodka, gin or prosecco, or the world-famous Whiskey-Sour, Bombay Crushed or Bellini: each and every one can be dialed up individually! And, least but not least: you will also learn to shake and move like a professional bartender! Picture Format: PAL 16 x 9 Format: DVD-5Time: 62 mins. Color Mode: Color Region Code: 5 Language And Audio Content: English / German / PCM Sterio Subtitles: No
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