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Brand CHEERLINK Model CH-ST024 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Orange Material ABS Shape Style Jeep Specification Mini cartoon solar clean source without polluting the air Other Feature User's Age: Older than 3 years old. This jeep is ultra mini no need to assemble the ground should be flat when you play and it is not suitable for children younger than 3; Usage: Running: it will run fast in place where there is enough sunshine; Stopping: it will stop automatically in dark place; Functions: The smallest mini jeep; This solar powered jeep uses environment friendly solar source and has the function of education and demonstration it can help children develop good habit of protecting environment and it is a good tool to publicize solar knowledge and its application besides it is a stylish toy for your desk; With ornamental and collectible value. Packing List 1 x Solar powered jeep
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