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cheerlink zm 81 3mm neodymium iron diy educational toys set silver 81 pcs купить по лучшей цене

Brand Cheerlink Model N/A Quantity 216 piece(s) per pack Color White Material Neodymium iron boron Specification The neodymium magnetic ball will send bright green when you take it into darkness from light; Chose some favorite pattern in the room night it is like stars dotted throughout the room accompany you every warm night; Neodymium magnetic ball is a magnetic stereo model game Rubik's cube composed of 216 PCS 5mm diameter small magnetic metal ball; Their mutual attraction and repulsion; Each sphere is divided into North and south part; With your kneading shaping the beads will naturally slide walk with magnetic force; Gentle mutual pull feeling and resist adsorption feeling let the magnetic ball interact with your finger vividly; You can put it into a mosaic block connected into a ring mosaic block connected into a ring necklace bracelet ring and the other types you cannot imagine; 216 PCS magnetic balls from two-dimensional to three-dimensional the permutation and combination is almost unlimited; During game you will feel happy from tension this will bring good game effect you cannot imagine Packing List 216 x Neodymium magnetic balls 1 x Tin box packing
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