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The monograph presents the results of long time terminological and lexicological research on emergence and development of language and cognition which were used in founding anthropolinguistics – a new science devoted to study of the evolution of human mentality on the basis of its reflection in respective evolution of language. A new general approach in investigating the process of evolution of man is suggested, which is based on using lexical data in detailed examination and reconstruction of shaping of human mind and culture. Evolution of human mind and cognition was found to have a phased character, every stage characterized by fundamental changes in duration, size of vocabulary and predominant lexical units, types of ideas and types of culture. This approach creates opportunities for breakthrough in exploring the process of shaping of the present human mind and culture and opens new grounds for not only linguistic, but also psychological, sociological, cultural and philosophical studies and new discoveries. The book is dedicated to all those who are interested in deep comprehension of ways and problems in evolution of the present man and civilization.
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