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This Translating Earbud is set to revolutionise how we communicate, allowing the wearer to interact with others in different languages, both locally and over a long distance range. With the ground-breaking ability to translate 16 languages (for iPhone) in real-time, the earbud will help drive collaboration and break down language barriers in new and exciting ways, allowing for comfortable travel, freedom of movement and communication with everyone. Features Voice translation: This tanslating earbud translates in-real-time between users speaking different languages using the Peiko app. DSP noise reduction: Deliver crystal clear voice without the distraction of background noise. Bluetooth paring: Connects to most Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones, like iPhone, Samsung, etc. Ergonomic fit: Optimum comfort for all day wear. 8mm driver unit: Deliver clear midrange and treble sound with rich, powerful bass. Two communication modes: Ask Mode: Requires only one earbud and useful for simple conversations (like asking for directions). Auto Mode: Requires two earbuds (each person wears one). Absolutely hands-free communication with no distance limit. Note: Support 16 languages translation for iOS users, and Chinese-English translation for Android users. Specifications BluetoothV4.1 FunctionMake calls, listen to music, translation, environmental noise testing, OTA update, one key recording APP Peiko app Driver Type8mm speaker  Dimension57 x 17 x 10 mm Battery Capacity90mAh Standby Time120 hours Talk Time4-5 hours Charging Time2 hours Package Contents1 x Translating Earbud, 1 x USB Charging Cable
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