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One of the most crucial prerequisites of an effective educational program is having codified standards which act as an impeccable criterion upon which a program can be implemented and evaluated.Hence,carrying out evaluation studies seems to be an essential mission of every successful educational program.Modular Education Program exercised commonly at global level and in Iranian educational setting by the University of Applied Science in general and in EFL education in particular is an innovation in Iranian educational system oriented to creating better job opportunities.Contrary to significant academic achievements,the program has been subject to continuous scholarly criticisms;which undermine the validity of the Program. However, no explicit empirical studies could be traced on both internal and external validity measures as well as on the extent of compatibility of the EFL courses with the standards of scientific educational program.In a bid to address these issues and investigate applicability and validity of the Modular Program,this study attempted to investigate the issue more empirically in the field of EFL education.The outcomes render constructive lessons at global circle.

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