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A complete beginner's conversational course. The bestselling, beginning language course from Berlitz, Berlitz basic Mandarin Chinese concentrates on everyday conversation and authentic situations, and Berlitz has tailored the materials so learners become comfortable with the most frequently required words and phrases. With Basic Mandarin Chinese, listeners can follow along to audio dialogues and activities in the audio program and course book. What Do I Get? 3 audio CDs with native speakers who assure correct pronunciation (3 hours total). 128-page fully illustrated course book. Go online for free additional materials-easy to read audio script and learner's guide for those who like to read along with the audio. Save up to $100 on Berlitz language classes. How easy is it? Build confidence as you use the course book and audio CDs to learn basic languages skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Course book is arranged in short, succinct lessons so learners aren't overwhelmed, and learn gramma without having to memorize any rules. Practice and reinforce what you've learned by listening to the audio at home or on the go. Go to berlitzpublishing.com for free additional materials to help you learn your new language. Compatible with your iPod® or MP3 devices.
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