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dc 5v bluetooth audio receiver module usb tf sd card decoding board preamp output support fat32 system купить по лучшей цене

DC 5V supports USB disk SD card USB HDD; - Supports various of coded format MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG-4H264 XVID video maximum up to 1280 x 720; - Built-in 2-sound channel output; - Dynamic condition setting digital album smooth play - Pull-down menu setting comfortable and convenient operation; - Compatible with RM RMVB DVD SVCD VCD DVCD DVIX FLV MKV AVI MP3 etc. standard format smooth reading MP3 WMA OGGFLAC ACCAPE; - Supports E-book TXT; - Multi-language sound (English French Portuguese German Danish etc.); - Video output: CVBS; Audio output: Stereo (R/L) supports configuration VFD / LCD / LED display; - Supports built-in FAT32 format large capacity HDD convenient to check the video music photo in your multi partition HDD; - Convenient infrared remote control; - Supports HD video resolution ratio (1280 x 720); - Supports RM / RMVB format resolution ratio (1280 x 720); - Supports picture format: JPEG BMP Kodak picture CDG; - Supports recording; - Supports video format: RM RMVB DVD SVCD VCD DVCD DVIX MPEG4 AVI VOB etc. - Supports audio format: MP3 WMA HDCD; OGG FLAC ACC APE; - FM radio: 87.0~108.0MHz; - With AUX input; - Software smart upgrade; - Applied range: can make digital frame supporting HDCD CDG MPEG4 AVI VOB DIVX5.1 format PMP advisement player; - TV box to works with TV can play video music browse digital photo can be used as embedded application for speaker HD TV LCD STB HDMI projector
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