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dc dc automatic step up down boost buck converter module 5 32v to 1 25 20v 5a continuous adjustable output voltage купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Blue Material Plastic + PCB + iron Specification Module name: 5A Automatic Buck module Module Properties: non-isolated synchronous rectifier buck module automatically Input voltage :5-32V Input Current: 8A (MAX) work long hours inside 6A Quiescent current: 3mA (working voltage not while there will be errors) Output voltage :1.25-20V continuously adjustable 1.25-20V fixed output Output Current: 5A (MAX) (long natural cooling inside 3A) For higher output current two modules can be used in parallel such as the output to 6A you can use two modules in parallel the current is set to 3.5 for each module A can be. Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Operating Frequency: 150KHz Conversion efficiency: Up to 96% (efficiency and input and output voltage current pressure related) Current protection: yes Short circuit protection: (enter the 10A fuse) double circuit protection use more secure. Over-temperature protection: Yes (over-temperature automatically reduces the output voltage) Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (if required in the input string into the diode) Installation: four 3mm screws Connection: welding output (V-IN as an input V-OUT is the output) Module dimensions: length 60mm width 40mm height 30mm Features Automatic Buck module Application This module can be applied to relatively large fluctuations in the input voltage the output requirements are relatively stable fields. Such as: 1 the 12V battery float voltage 10-14V 12V output stable. 2 for your electronic systems over a wide input voltage range to provide a stable operating voltage. 3 the output of solar panels float voltage regulated output to charge the battery to prevent battery overcharge. 4 DIY a power supply input 12V can be can be 12-20V adjustable output English Manual/Spec yes Packing List 1 x Step-down module
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