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e27 9w 9 led 810 lumen 6000k white light bulb 85 265v ac купить по лучшей цене

With the cost of natural resources going up and utility bills on the rise a great way to compensate for this is to start paying more attention to new ways of conserving energy such as switching to LED light bulbs. This highly efficient LED light has three 1W emitters and consumes very little energy. They can greatly reduce your power bills and improve the state of our environment - not to mention the naturally long life LED technology can provide. Material: Aluminum alloy Emitter Type: LED Total Emitters: 3 Power: 3 x 1W Color BIN: White Rated Voltage: 85~265V Luminous Flux: 240~270LM Color Temperature: 5500~6000K Connector Type: E27
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