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This is the 8th wonder of the world. ItтАЩs the absolute latest in energy saving technology. Not only will this product save you money on your hydro electric bill but it will also protect and increase the life of your appliances and electronic devices. This cool little gadget just plugs into the wall. That is all you have to do to saving money today. This product was mainly designed to meet the high energy saving demands of todayтАЩs households. Not only does this device save you money but it is great for the environmental conservation. This device requires zero maintenance and will stabilize the electrical currents in your household. It also reduces electrical heat that is emitted as well as offer surge protection. Your appliances have never been happier! You can plug this into any electrical socket you like. Save you money today and increase the life of your electronics. It could not be easier just plug it in and enjoy the fact the your doing your part for the environment. - Latest and high-efficiency electric power saving technology - Can provide effective protection for electricity appliances prolong their lifespan - High-efficiency energy saving device which is designed mainly to meet the household demands - Save energy efficiently - Environmental conservancy - Easy to use maintenance free - Prolong the lifespan of appliance - Stabilize electrical current - Reduce electrical overheating - Surge protection - Plug the electricity-saving box into any sockets at home - Compatible with AC 90~250 V (US plug) - Comes with English user manual
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