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If you're fond of smoking a pipe you know the worst part of getting ready for a puff is having to light it. Ordinary lighters are difficult to reach into the bowl and matches can be a hassle. This Zinc Alloy + PU Butane Gas Lighter for Smoking Pipe is the ideal alternative and will allow you to light a pipe quickly because its flame is produced on the side. Made out of sleek silver zinc alloy and wrapped in black faux leather with contrast stitching the lighter is refillable and requires standard butane for operation. The lighter is 2.44 inches by 1.34 inches by .51 inches in size. Model NO Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + Silver Material Zinc alloy + PU Style Gas Flame Color Yellow Fuel Butane Windproof No Specification Special for smoking pipe flame outlet is on the side Packing List 1 x Lighter
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