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fast charging usb charger power travel adapter strip switch led display screen with 8 usb socket ports for us uk eu plug sockets купить по лучшей цене

Color White Plug Specifications UK Plug Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Set Material Plastic + metal Charging Cell Type AlkalineNi-MHNiCdLithium Ion Charging Battery Type OthersAll devices with USB interface Rechargeable Battery Qty 4 USB ports Target Country & Region UK Built-in Protected Circuit Yes Input Voltage 100~240 V Output Voltage 5 V Max. Output Current 3000 A Fast Charging Function Yes LCD Screen No Auto Circuit Detection Yes Indicator Red light: charging state; Green light: has been fully charged. Over Voltage Protection Yes Short-Circuit Protection Yes Over-Charging Protection Yes Over-Discharging Protection Yes Other Features High quality and suitable for charging all devices with USB interface. Packing List 1 x Charger (UK plug cable length: 150cm)
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