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Consumer preference for food is motivated by many criteria and especially by its flavor. Plain dahi has a weak but distinctive and fragile flavor that is influenced by different factors, for example, viscosity, nonvolatile components, and aroma. Now there has been a good demand for fruits dahi. Traditionally, fruit like strawberry, jackfruit, apricot and black current are used for manufacture of fruit yoghurt. Recently very few research have been carried out on fruits dahi. When fruits juice is added in milk for the preparation of dahi, the taste, flavor and nutrient content of dahi is increased. Among different types of fruit, mango is customary fruit and the price of mango is cheaper than other fruits. Researcher and students of dairy chemistry will be benefited by studying this book and will know the details of manufacture of different types of dahi, determination procedure of nutritive value of milk, dahi and mango juice. Manufacturer will be able to produce mango fruit dahi using appropriate level of mango.
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