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Worldwide, mango fruit crop cultivation covered an area ca. 4946 thousand ha in 2010-11 & its production recorded 37 m tonnes. India occupies top position in the world, accounts ca. 40% of the total mango production. Mango processing occurs in India with the variety of fruit products starting from immature to ripe stages. Mango-peel waste may accounts ca. 25%. Presently, mango-peel waste gets dumped for field manure or as a stray cattle feed. It is excellent source of cellulose due to being ligno-cellulosic. An attempt has been made to use mango-peel waste for producing cellulases to be utilized in fruit-processing industry to enhance juice- clarity and quality. Hence, a potential utilization of mango-peel waste chosen as a substrate for producing enzymes, i.e. cellulases by using microbial system viz., Aspergillus niger. Thus, the proper utilization of mango-peel waste may result in high value added products, as reported in the book. A novel approach, as mentioned in the book may definitely prove to be an asset in resolving mango-peel solid -waste management, and also for quality juice-production from mango with improved agro-socio economy in times to come.
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