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The book is replica of dissertation submitted by Gopal Deore for fulfillment of PhD research. The book comprising of six chapters- 1. Introduction, 2. Formulation of liquid organic fertilizer, 3. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on seed germination and early seedling growth, 4. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on growth and productivity, 5. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on leaf biochemicals and 6. Effect of liquid organic fertilizer on fruit quality. Covering the formulation of value added liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) by traditional methods (i.e. composting) of organic fertilizer production and modern methods like, solubilization of rock phosphate and rock potassium by using microorganisms; conversion of proteins to amino acids using protease producing microorganism and synthesis of organic metal nutrient chelates with seed amino acids etc. The LOF was assessed for its physicochemical parameters and found to be well-heeled with almost all macro and micronutrients. Different doses of homogenate LOF were assessed for its efficacy in germination, growth, productivity, biochemical and fruit quality parameters of tomato and red pepper as test crops
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